EDI with Statewide Independent Wholesalers (SIW)

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Exchange EDI messages through the Colladium web portal for just $99 per month for your first retailer. And add other retailers to trade with from just $49 a month per additional retailer.

Exchange these documents, as required by Statewide Independent Wholesalers (SIW):

Purchase order (PO)

Purchase order response (POR)

Purchase order change (POC)

Advanced shipment notice (ASN), including SSCC labels


Notifications straight to your inbox

We make it easy for you to meet Statewide Independent Wholesalers’ deadlines and stay on top of orders. We’ll send you an email notification for each order or you can get a summary email per day.

Simple in its design

We know your core business is where you want to focus your time, not figuring out a web portal. We’ve designed Colladium for you to easily receive orders and send back responses including invoices. Even create advanced shipping notices and print the labels using your own printer. Do it all in just a few clicks!

Create advanced shipping notices in a few clicks

We’ve got you covered. Create your ASN in a few clicks and print the labels on your own office printer. It’s easy!

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Getting started is easy

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Join the Statewide Independent Wholesalers community and complete your billing details

Complete the accreditation process with the help of our support team and start sending EDI messages to Statewide Independent Wholesalers


When viewing the despatch advice, click print SSCC labels and select the options. This will be generated in the background and you’ll receive a notification when the PDF is ready to be downloaded. Print these on your laser printer and attach them to the packages you’ll be despatching.

Yes! We currently offer this as a premium service for suppliers trading with Statewide Independent Wholesalers (SIW). You’ll receive an order, and when you respond to it, you can assign each item to a 3PL (or even split an item between multiple 3PLs). The 3PL will complete the advanced shipping notice, which’ll go back to SIW and you’ll get a copy too, then you can issue the invoice.

It costs $49 per month if you’ve already subscribed to a paid service, or $99 a month if it’s your first paid service.

Here’s how it works:

Find out more about it and how to get started here.

Accreditation testing requires you to test your EDI messages before they’re sent to your retailers’ production systems. This just makes it more likely that you won’t have issues when you’re sending and receiving EDI messages. The testing checks your files and ensures fields are correctly formatted.

The Colladium support team helps those using Colladium’s EDI webforms through the process. The team will send a test order for you to action by sending a response, an advanced shipping notice and an invoice. Once this testing process is completed, you’ll be able to start receiving real orders.

Yes! Integrations are provided through our integration partner, MessageXchange. Reach out to their team for a quote.

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