Simplify your Single Touch Payroll compliance with an upload via Colladium.

From just $50 a month

Single Touch Payroll easy compliance

Easy compliance before the 1st of July

Colladium offers simple upload functionality for businesses that need to get STP-compliant.

Upload a CSV file

If you can’t get your data into the ATO-defined XML file, our integration partner, MessageXchange, has developed an easy-to-use CSV file. The CSV file will be mapped to the ATO-required XML to ensure full compliance without the hassle.

Contact MessageXchange for a copy of the message implementation guide (MIG).

Forget about APIs

There’s no need to connect to APIs, customers can simply login to Colladium to upload their file from the Colladium website.

Flexibility to upgrade at any time

Supported by our integration partner, MessageXchange, customers have the flexibility to move to a fully integrated solution at any time. Customers can choose to integrate their software (by API, sFTP, AS2, AS4, a webservice or another method) to completely remove manual handling.

Reduce development effort

If your software is not able to display STP responses back from the ATO, Colladium can display responses for you or your customers to view. This functionality is available for users who submit STP reports via an integrated MessageXchange solution, or via upload through Colladium.

Want more info?

STP upload is available with all STP Gateway plans through our integration partner, MessageXchange. More information is available on the MessageXchange website, or by contacting their Single Touch Payroll team.

Need a how-to guide?

We’ve put together a step-by-step instruction to show you how to get STP compliant through Colladium.