B2B electronic data interchange (EDI) portal

The easiest way to get 100% uptake from your network

Create a branded portal to invite your customers, suppliers and business network to collaborate and trade.


Free to use

Cost can be one of the biggest inhibitors to your suppliers or customers using EDI. That’s why we’ve made this free. You can manage the portal, the onboarding and offboarding of your suppliers and customers. And there’s no cost to use it β€” for you or your network.

Customised for your business

We realise every business is unique. So we can customise the EDI forms to suit you. Choose the messages you want to exchange, and for each of those messages, specify the business rules and requirements you need.

Receive orders from your customers too

Colladium is bi-directional, so you can use it with your suppliers or customers. Let customers raise orders for you and select products from your catalogue. You can set the price per products, or even per product per customer. Say goodbye to receiving orders with outdated prices!

Completely integrate-able to your ERP software

Your goal is to automate your procure-to-pay process. So we can establish an integration between Colladium and your ERP or accounting software. Raise an order in your software and have it go to your supplier on Colladium. They send back advanced shipping notices and invoices from Colladium and we’ll deliver them straight to your software. Or if you’re using it with your customers, receive orders they issue on Colladium directly into your software.

Collaboration features built-in

Procurement is much more than just sending orders and receiving invoices. There are queries, information to be shared and discussions to be had. Colladium has features like real-time conversations, file sharing and more.

Add your branding and information

The community portals on Colladium are flexible enough for you to add your branding, like logos and corporate colours, and even upload documents, events, notices and more. It’s a one-stop-shop for collaboration and trade.

Receive product data from your suppliers

Getting product data from suppliers has long been a challenge. Colladium lets your suppliers upload their products, with information like GTINs, item codes, descriptions, pricing information and more. It’s all structured information that they can share with you. And if you have an integration setup, their product data can be sent to your software for approval.

Yep, it is! You only pay if:

  • You want to customise your own forms to include your own business rules, validations and checks
  • Or to integrate to your ERP or accounting software.

Some of the organisations already getting the benefits from Colladium are The Good Guys, Best Friends Pets, Freedom, Ampol, 7-Eleven and BAM Wine Logistics.

Integrations are provided through our integration partner, MessageXchange. They’ve integrated with many software packages before, including SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Pronto, Microsoft Dynamics and more. As long as your software can import and export files, they can integrate with it.

Have suppliers who use integrated EDI too?

Automate the testing of your suppliers’ EDI files on Colladium. Suppliers upload an EDI file, our software checks it and provides feedback straight away. No manually checking files and peace of mind that files pass the first time around.

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