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Colladium makes it easy for businesses of any size to conduct business better than they have before.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Trade via electronic trade at no charge. Integrate with your existing ERP for a completely streamlined supply chain. Learn more


Send e-invoices for free to anyone in the Peppol eInvoicing network. Learn more

Product catalogue

List your products and services, complete with images and product information, for users to browse and purchase. Learn more

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Quick and easy STP compliance. Just upload your file to Colladium and we’ll send it to the ATO. Learn more

Community portal

Create your own branded community and invite others to join. Update them with information, notices, documents, events and more. Learn more

Real-time conversations

Start real-time chats with others in your business network. Chat one-to-one or invite multiple groups to the conversation. Learn more

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Integrate your existing business applications, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or accounting solutions. Save time, money and improve efficiency.

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Customise a form set to suit your B2B message and business needs. With Colladium, you can electronically exchange any information your organisation requires!

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