Chat in real-time

Send and receive messages instantly. See when others are online and when they’re typing.

Keep all your communication in the one spot

Login to Colladium to see all your orders, documents and notices. Got a question? Ask it via real-time conversations!

Collaborate with everyone in your business network

Start a conversation with anyone you’re connected with on Colladium.

Manage your conversations

Search, tag, assign and mute your conversations for better management.

A free chat for business

Colladium’s real-time chat is available to all users for free!

Real-time collaboration at your fingertips.

See what’s happening in real time

See when others are typing a message, when topics have been changed and more.

Chat with your entire business network

Start a conversation with anyone you’re connected with on Colladium; they could be a member of your community, or you might be a member of theirs.

Start a conversation with one or many

Start a conversation between you and another group. Or choose to create a conversation with multiple groups!

Assign conversations to your colleagues

Assign a conversation to a colleague in your group if they’re in charge of that topic.

Mute conversations with a click

Just mute the conversations you don’t want to receive alerts about it. You can still view it at any time.

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