Find new products and suppliers

Browse other organisations’ products, connect with them and start trading!

Get rid of product data spreadsheets

Say goodbye to spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of out-of-date product data. Have the information sent to/from your existing software to share with your network.

Have the right information on hand when placing an order

Product data is maintained in real-time, so customers always have access to the latest product and pricing data when placing an order.

A simplified way to manage your products with your existing and future business network.

Full control over who sees your products

Allow your products to be seen by just the organisations you’re connected with, or have them visible to potential new customers.

Set different prices for the one product

Have full control over the prices that others see. Set a different price per customer, currency and date range.


Group products into catalogues

Add a range of products to a catalogue. Group them by product line, retailer or something else. Use catalogues to share the products with certain organisations.

Integrate product data and images with other software

Push your product data from your existing ERP or inventory software to Colladium to remove manual handling. Or if you’re a retailer, pull your supplier’s product data straight from Colladium to your software for always up-to-date information.


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