Remove manual handling of documents

Exchange purchase orders, invoices and more with your trading partners. It’s all electronic, no data entry required.

Move to a 100% digital supply chain

Use Colladium to onboard your entire supply chain to electronic trade at no cost.

Spend less time on administration

Streamline your processes by turning a purchase order into an invoice in two clicks.

Customise forms to suit your business

Add fields, create workflows and checks, or add completely new forms. Learn more about customisation here.

Integrate with your existing business applications

Send forms from your ERP or accounting package for your trading partners to view and respond in Colladium. Learn more about integration here.

Increased visibility of your entire supply chain

The ability to send and receive despatch advices with SSCC data on Colladium allows you to plan ahead for efficient deliveries.

Exchange data seamlessly with other Colladium users.

Or choose to integrate with your existing business application for a completely streamlined solution.

It’s simple to use

We know your core business is where you want to spend your time, not figuring out how to trade. So we’ve designed Colladium for you to receive orders and easily send back responses. Do it all in just a few clicks!

Choose the forms you want

Select the combination of forms you want your network to exchange with you. You’ve got the option to choose different forms for each organisation in your community.

Be alerted when you receive a new form

Choose the way you’d like to be alerted – in the app, by instant email or receive a daily breakdown of new notifications.

Build SSCCs in a few clicks

It’s easy for suppliers to build SSCCs on a despatch advice to send to their buyers. Send and receive information like what’s in each package, the type of package, when the order is shipped and more.

SSCC Labels - One Page BORDER

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