What is eInvoicing?

E-invoicing enables organisations to send and receive invoices electronically, directly to their software. It removes the need for unnecessary data entry and inaccurate OCR scanning.

E-invoicing in Australia is provided through a network of interoperable Access Points, like MessageXchange, conforming to the PEPPOL standard that has been adopted around the world.

E-invoicing happens through a four-corner model, where corners one and four are the supplier and customer, and corners two and three are Access Points. Access Points connect to each other to exchange e-invoices. You can think of it like a telephone network – your phone and your friend’s phone are corners one and four, and your network provider (like Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) are corners two and three.

Join Australia’s eInvoicing network at no cost

Register to send and receive eInvoices from Colladium, all for free.

Spend less time on administration

Remove the need to re-key invoice data. With eInvoicing, receive the invoice in Colladium or integrate with your accounting package to receive it there.

Exchange eInvoices with other businesses in the network

Send eInvoices to anyone in the eInvoicing network, whether they’re on Colladium or not. If they haven’t joined, they can do so on Colladium for free!

Send eInvoices to anyone in Australia’s eInvoicing network.

It’s simple to use

We know your core business is where you want to spend your time, not on mundane admin work. So Colladium makes it easy for you to send and receive eInvoices. Do it all in just a couple of clicks!

Invite others to the eInvoicing network

If your trading partners aren’t eInvoicing ready, invite them to join Colladium! It’s free to join.

Be alerted when you receive a new eInvoice

Choose the way you’d like to be alerted – in the app, by instant email or receive a daily breakdown of your new notifications.

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