Connect with your entire business network

Invite others to join your community, or request to join theirs. Connect with all of your business partners to collaborate and trade in the one place.

Keep all your communication in the one location

Login to Colladium to see all your communication and trade with your entire business network.

Exchange information and data

Post notices, events and documents, and engage in real-time chats. Plus, use it to exchange structured data like purchase orders and invoices.

Connect with your business network and manage the relationships like never before.

Onboard your business community quickly and easily

We know business networks can be quite expansive, so we’ve made onboarding easy.

Simply upload a CSV of all your contacts and click ‘send’. You’ll see when your trading partners have joined so you can start collaborating straight away.

Collaborate with your community

Easily communicate with your whole network like never before. Post notices, documents and events, and engage in multi-way, real-time chats!

Segment your network

Ensure your network only get information relevant to them by creating a different community for each of your segments. Upload notices, events and documents specific to each segment.

Add your organisation’s branding

Upload your organisation’s logo and cover image and add your corporate colour to each community to convey a consistent brand.

Alert community members to new information

Members of your community will automatically be notified when you add notices, documents, events and other information.

An easy-to-use content management system

Upload your content quickly and easily. Edit it in Colladium to add your organisation’s look and feel.

Manage your members

Invite or accept each member so you have full control over your connections on Colladium.

Manage your community’s access

Manage who can see each community page with the click of a button.

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