Need something else in Colladium? Let us know!

The free functionality of Colladium enables you to:

  • Invite staff to join your organisation on Colladium
  • Assign privileges to users
  • Set up and manage communities of your business networks and add your branding
  • Upload documents, notices, events and other information to your communities
  • Invite your network to join your communities or request to join theirs
  • Send and receive forms; purchase orders, purchase order responses, purchase order changes, despatch advices and invoices
  • Chat with others in your business network.

Customise forms

Colladium comes with five standard forms for trading. Through community settings, you can select the combination of forms to use and even have different trading partners exchange different forms, within the one community.

You can request to have these altered or other forms developed to suit your B2B messaging requirements. This could include adding more fields or business rules, or adding completely new forms like membership forms. These customisations require development and incur a fee. Contact us to find out more.

Other customisation

Get in touch with us if there’s any other customisation you require.